About OpenStax Tutor

OpenStax Tutor melds new cyber and social infrastructures to put powerful learning tools in the hands of educators and learners. OpenStax Tutor is an ambitious effort that combines high-quality, public-ready software with advanced research pursuits. We are still in beta and some of our features are still being developed.

The Big Questions

What is it?

A study resource, homework, and test delivery system that uses powerful, advanced techniques to improve student learning and instructor understanding.

Who is behind it?

OpenStax Tutor is a non-profit venture at Rice University, run by professional software developers and learning researchers, and supported by foundations.

How much does it cost?

OpenStax Tutor is free for individual students and teachers. Depending on their usage, organization-level users may pay a small mission-support fee.

Cool Features

Better Learning

Our courses use principles from cognitive science that have been shown to increase long-term retention and transfer of learning.

Learner Analytics

In one view, quickly see how well your students have mastered different concepts.

Personalized Pathways

OpenStax Tutor studies how your students learn and then adjusts their experience to optimize their retention.

Not your standard course management system
Free for individuals; inexpensive for organizations
Simple, clean interface
Proven learning principles increase long-term understanding
Repeat concept practice throughout the class
Focus on knowledge retrieval over answer recognition
Give immediate or delayed automatic feedback
Make viewing feedback required or optional
Choose timing and type of feedback
Use your own content or existing open content
Multiple choice grading is done for you
Export grades to Excel with a single click
View overall class performance at a glance
Support for students in multiple time zones
Students can easily upload any written work Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
Learner analytics tell instructors who knows what Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
Ask students questions in a variety of formats
Open-ended Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
Matching Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
Multipart Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
Essay Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
Post and get feedback on study materials
Use any web URL as a study resource
Upload PDF study resources Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
See which resources students are using
Set the stage for assignments with introductory text
Powerful platform for running experiments in the classroom or online
Students can opt in or out of a research study
Manage informed consent documents
Informed consent obtained electronically
Customize and automated experiments for different groups
Monitor experiment via researcher interface
Export research data to Excel with a single click
Instructors can be co-authors if their study data is publishable
Help advance progress in education
Easily create a barrier between researchers and instructors
Researchers never see personal information without consent
Instructors never see research or consent information
Moving towards a goal of personalized education
Learning pathways personalized for individual students Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
Automated personalization for any class with online content Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
Automated discovery of relationships between online materials Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
Start Teaching! Start Teaching!
Get Involved

Run a Research Study

OpenStax Tutor is fully equipped to handle informed-consent for human subjects research studies centering around how students best learn. If you're interested in running a study, !

Write Code

OpenStax Tutor is an open source project and thrives on community involvement.

Teach a Course!

Teaching a course on OpenStax Tutor is super easy. Our support staff can guide you through the process and answer all your questions. Ready to teach? .

Still have questions? Just and we'd be glad to answer them.